The Top Five Areas of Seattle You're Most Likely to Get a Marijuana Citation

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In August, news broke that despite a city-wide law which makes marijuana enforcement the lowest priority for police, the Seattle Police Department has still been writing hundreds of pot-possession tickets.

According to information from a Seattle Weekly public-records request, there are certain areas of the city where more of these tickets are written than anywhere else.

Since the start of 2008, Seattle police officers have written 1,009 citations for marijuana possession. Since City Attorney Pete Holmes took the helm of the city's legal department, only one case has been prosecuted--and he says that was a bit of an accident.

Still, the tickets are written and people are hassled, sometimes spending time in jail before the charges are dropped.

Some officers write more tickets than others, but according to the records there's no single pot-ticket-writing crusader who's writing hundreds of these citations.

That said, the top three SPD officers who have written the most marijuana-possession tickets since 2008 are:

1. Brian Rees (25)

2. Adley Shepherd (20)

3. Michael Conners (17)

As for where the tickets are written, the data is somewhat predictable, with the lion's share of citations being written in the downtown area, followed by the University District, south Rainier Valley, the Central District, and then north Rainier Valley/Columbia City.

Here's a map.


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