Stephen Seider, Navy Sailor, Arrested for Killing Ex-Wife's Cat With an Ax

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It's unclear why U.S. Navy sailor Stephen Seider killed his ex-wife's cat with an ax.

But investigators say they're certain that he did.

KOMO reports:

When Seider's wife returned home, the cat was missing and the ax was gone from its usual spot. She said Seider at first denied knowing anything about it, but later broke down and told her he was sorry, and that the cat's body was under the porch wrapped in a shirt, according to police.

Before Seider's wife had come home, Seider had apparently called her and asked her not to come home . . . and also where the bleach was.

Needless to say the woman came home anyway.

The case was originally investigated by NCIS, but was turned over to Marysville police once the cat was out of the bag (or in this case, the shirt).

A necropsy confirmed that the feline was killed by at least two ax swings to the back and shoulder.

Seider already had a protection order barring him from any contact with his ex-wife and children. We haven't viewed this document, but it's safe to say it didn't make exceptions for stopping by to commit cat murder.

Seider was booked in jail on $5,000 bail. He has yet to be charged.

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