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Robert Shaver
To suggest that homeless Seattle sex offender Robert Shaver has a lack of coping skills may be a serious understatement.

The 48-year-old man


Robert Shaver, Sex Offender, Charged With Hogtying and Shocking Girlfriend in Bizarre Case of Obsession

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Robert Shaver
To suggest that homeless Seattle sex offender Robert Shaver has a lack of coping skills may be a serious understatement.

The 48-year-old man was just charged with a litany of assault and domestic-violence-related crimes stemming from a series of incidents that his former girlfriend says began with auto tampering, employment sabotage, creepy e-mails, and stalking, and ended with a set of ropes and a Stun Master 625K.

According to court documents obtained from King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg's office, Shaver had been in a roughly five-month relationship with a woman who lived in the Rainier Valley of Seattle.

The courtship seemingly began normally, but soon the woman began noticing strange things going on. Once after returning from a trip with Shaver, the woman says she hung her keys up at her apartment only to find them missing; later, Shaver miraculously found the keys in his car.

Not long after that, the woman's car began not to start. On several occasions she tried to start her car to no avail, until Shaver--on at least one occasion--came to the rescue and fixed it, though he wouldn't say how. On other occasions, the woman called a mechanic who found that a critical hose had been unplugged.

Meanwhile, the woman was trying to find a new job as a preschool teacher. During her job search, she apparently received a call from a principal informing her that someone had been e-mailing him about how he shouldn't hire her because she's "a bad pre-school teacher." She ultimately never got that job.

After one more incident where her car was sabotaged (she had her building manager set up a video camera which caught Shaver tampering with the car), she broke up with him.

After that things got really ugly.

The woman says that she began getting threatening e-mails from someone she didn't know saying that she had "messed with our friend" and that she had "10 days to leave Seattle."

After that Shaver changed his tactics and supposedly began sending the woman sappy love notes and videos of the two of them together. He also began telling her that he was going to kill himself unless she came and stopped him.

Then, on Sept. 25, the woman says she woke up to the sound of heavy rainfall and before she knew it a man was on top of her striking her with an object that shocked her profusely with each blow.

As she wrestled with her attacker, he managed to get her on her stomach and then used restraints of some type to tie up her hands and feet in an attempted "hogtie" fashion.

The man, who by then had admitted that he was Shaver, then began a long, drawn-out, teary conversation about how he really loves her and couldn't bear to be without her. He supposedly admitted that he climbed up a rope into the vacant condo next door to the woman's residence, then jumped from one balcony to the next in order to get into the victim's place.

The incident eventually ended with Shaver leaving peacefully and the woman, after calling friends and family, finally agreeing to call police.

When an officer arrived she found wounds consistent with stun gun burns on the woman, as well as scratches and red marks from where the restraints had been tied. The officer also found the stun gun itself--a Stun Master 625K--lying on the ground with several singed black hairs on it that matched the victim's.

Shaver, who has previous convictions for assault, felony harassment, obstruction, theft, indecent liberties, and failure to register as a sex offender, is also homeless, having recently lost his home to foreclosure following a divorce with his previous wife.

He does now have a home, however: The King County Adult Detention Center. And depending on the outcome of his trial, he may have a more permanent residence with the Washington State Department of Corrections.

Read the full charging documents below.

Robert Shaver Charging Docs

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