Police Shoot and Kill Three Different People in Under 24 Hours This Weekend

Three different suspected criminals in the Puget Sound area met their demise at the business end of a police-issued firearm this weekend.

Here are some details on each.

--First we have a 39-year-old man in Tacoma, shot dead by police early on Saturday after supposedly claiming he had a gun. Pierce County Sheriff's Deputies say they found suspected-car-thief Aaron Westby in the front seat of a truck in an alleyway on South 19th Street and Yakima Avenue. Deputies apparently tried to arrest Westby and fought with him for a while before Tasing him. Deputies say the man kept resisting, and eventually said he had a gun and reached for the glove box. That was the last move he made.

--Hours later an unidentified man was gunned down by Seattle police officers in Belltown near Fourth Avenue and Cedar Street and the Space Needle after police say he "charged at them." The man was thought to have stabbed an 84-year-old man to death in Interbay and was located after he was supposedly monitored using the old man's credit cards.

--Finally, an incident in Lakewood early on Sunday has circumstances nowhere near as seemingly cut-and-dried as the previous shootings. The commotion apparently began around 1 a.m. on Sunday, when someone called 911 to say a person--39-year-old Joint Base Lewis-McChord soldier Trent Lloyd-Thorpe--had been shot at a party on the 4800 block of Yew Lane Southwest. When police arrived, they apparently found Lloyd-Thorpe bleeding in the street. Soon, however, more shots rang out--police said Lloyd-Thorpe was firing while lying in the street. The cops returned fire and the young soldier was killed in the street. Stories seem to vary between witnesses and police as to certain details. An investigation is pending.

Info via: the P-I, the Tacoma News Tribune, KOMO.

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