Phoenix Jones Off the Hook: Prosecutors Decline to File Assault Charges

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Ben "Phoenix Jones" Fodor appeared in court this morning at the King County Justice center wearing his superhero mask atop a pinstriped suit jacket. Perhaps impressed with his peculiarly dapper getup, prosecutors declined to file assault charges stemming from his arrest Saturday night for using pepper spray to break up a street fight.

Here's Jones approaching the Justice Center with his attorneys. He shed the mask after entering the building, revealing the bushy flattop that earned him his nickname in the mixed martial arts arena.

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photo by Keegan Hamilton
Prosecutors can still file charges if additional evidence comes to light suggesting Jones somehow broke the law. But between the video that shows a fight already in progress when the so-called superhero comes charging in wielding a can of pepper spray, and the police report that omits several key details about the confrontation, it looks like Jones is off the hook, at least for now.

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