Mister PeePee, Twitter Perv, Embarks on Mission to Masturbate in Every NYC Starbucks

Setting goals in life is important. I mean if you're going to masturbate in one New York City Starbucks bathroom, why not try to masturbate in all New York City Starbucks bathrooms?

Mister PeePee knows what I'm talking about.

Via Starbucks gossip:

A guy who calls himself Mister PeePee set a goal of masturbating in every Starbucks in New York City, then photographing the results. Don't believe it? You can listen to this self-described "big fan of Starbucks" discuss his plans -- in detail -- on a podcast, and read his results on Twitter.

PeePee's podcast, naturally called the "Glory Hole Podcast", includes details on his favorite S'Bux locales to wank in.

"I've got to rate the bathroom on cleanliness," Mister PeePee said on The Glory Hole podcast, "and [note] if a person knocked on the door and interrupted me." One of his associates wanted Mister PeePee to also rate "how hot the chicks were in the location -- customers and baristas" and "how frequently did someone try to open the door when you were trying to jerk off." "And lastly, how was the coffee?" added the podcast co-host.

New York City coffee drinkers are thus urged to utilize the technology pictured below when using Starbucks toilet facilities.


Two sheets wouldn't hurt either.

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