Mastodon Mystery Mulled at Manis--Massive Missive by Monday

Answers to one of the most important paleontological questions in Washington state are expected to surface no later than Monday.

The topic: the mastodon. Not this Mastodon. That mastodon.

Former Weekly editor Knute Berger reports at Crosscut:

Word is that potentially big news is about to break this week about the region's "elephants" and prehistoric hunters. An impending report on the Manis Mastodon site near Sequim, due this week in the journal Science, is reported to confirm that the site is roughly 14,000 years old and that there are clear signs that prehistoric hunters were involved. One of the discoveries years ago was a mastodon rib with a bone fragment in it that was theorized to be an embedded spear or arrow tip. Further testing and analysis has been needed (CAT scan, DNA).

For a much wonkier explanation of the forthcoming mastodon revelation, check out this post on the Northwest Coast Archaeology blog.

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