Fifteen-Year-Old 'Goth' Girl Charged with Attempted Murder for Snohomish High School Stabbing

Just before school began on Monday, a pair of freshman girls at Snohomish High School went into the bathroom to put on makeup and brush their teeth. A few seconds later, another girl came in and locked herself in the stall.

She had a large kitchen knife with her.

Now that girl stands charged with attempted murder and second-degree assault for what prosecutors say was an unprovoked and random stabbing that left two victims seriously injured, one of them stabbed more than 20 times and barely clinging to life.

According to court documents, the two victims--both 15 years old--barely knew the girl who attacked them. The attacker--who we're not naming because she's being charged as a juvenile--had been suspended not long before the stabbing for supposedly "becoming obsessed" with her friends and threatening to kill one of their boyfriends.

In the alleged attack on Monday the girl charged, whom witnesses described as "goth," supposedly came into the girl's bathroom and closed herself in a stall while several girls cycled in and out. Finally the girl emerged and saw the two victims by the mirror.

According to court documents:

"[A victim] saw the girl slowly open the stall door and look out. The next thing [the victim] knew the girl had a knife in her hand and [the other victim] was screaming."

By the the time police and medics arrived, one of the victims was lying underneath a sink losing consciousness, her body perforated with 20 to 25 stab wounds including puncture wounds to her heart and lungs. The other girl had been stabbed in the back and the arm and was bleeding profusely--she needed dozens of stitches to close up the wounds.

After the stabbing, a witness apparently ran toward the commotion and he heard the knife drop--it was bent--and he heard someone ask the girl if she stabbed the two other girls and she "nodded affirmatively."

Later a security guard asked the girl why she did and she "shrugged her shoulders."

At the police station, detectives say the girl told them that she had been considering stabbing someone for a while before she did and that whoever it was she stabbed wasn't important.

She apparently was unmoved when told that one of her victims might die.

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