Comment of the Day: The Old Obama Marijuana-Support Switcheroo

If President Obama could pick any type of footwear to put on when he takes up the issue of medical marijuana, it would most certainly be the flip-flop. The man came into office promising respect for states' rights on pot laws, only to eventually tell states that he doesn't like their laws and will arrest people until they change them.

Phoenix New Times Writer Ray Stern made that case much more elegantly yesterday.

But was it all a mind trick?

One reader sees some Jedi-level Freudian wonkery at play on behalf of the president and Democrats.

Ivan writes:

I think this is a strategy by the Dems to bring voters back to the booths in 2012 much like the anti-gay-marriage issue brought GOP voters out in force in 2008. Smart timing by Obama; his crackdown will cause a counter-push for legalization or at the least decriminalization and getting anything resembling either on the 2012 ballot is good for Dem turnout and (sic) good for Obama.

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