Comment of the Day: How Nintendo Can Save Itself

Today's Comment of the Day contains some advice for Nintendo on how it can bring itself back from the edge of obscurity.

On Friday we reported that Nintendo and Redmond-based Nintendo of America posted their first yearly profit loss in 30 years.

The reasons for the red-colored report were myriad and included an appreciated yen, a stale overall economy, and, of course, weak sales for things like Nintendo's portable 3DS system.

Bob Obb gives this advice:

It's sad that for two decades Nintendo has been relying on the same cash cow franchies [sic] but if they want to move hardware that's what they need to keep doing. Let's face it, no adults are buying 3DS when we have smartphones now. They need to make the thing cheap and do the only thing they know how to do - rehash old series for new players.

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