Anti-American Tire Slashers Targeting Anglers in Chilliwack, Canada

brad hole01.jpg
Brad Hole, pre-slash.
Longtime Seattle angler Brad Hole and his dad and girlfriend were already in their car, a morning of salmon fishing along Canada's Vedder River under their belts, when they noticed something was wrong.

"A light lit up on the dash about the tires, and you could hear this grinding sound like they were riding on rims," Hole tells Seattle Weekly this morning.

It turns out that Mr. Hole and Co. weren't the only American fisherfolk to hear a similar sound when they tried to drive away from fishing spots near Chilliwack, Canada, over the weekend.

slashed tires01.jpg
Brad Hole's car's tires were slashed, along with at least 30 other American-owned vehicles.
Brandon Legacy, a service writer with Canadian Tire, one of several tire stores in the area, tells us that in the last week and a half his shop alone has replaced slashed tires on about 30 different vehicles, "most if not all" of them with American tags.

"It's unfortunate," Legacy says. "It's something we've never seen before and hope we won't see again.

Hole says the tire slashing is making him reconsider what for 10 years now has been one of his favorite places to fish. "I was thinking of going back next weekend by myself," he says. "But the thought of getting stranded up there, I don't know."

In all Hole says the tire slashings cost him $600--$500 for two new tires and $100 for a tow. And when he brought his car into the tire shop, the first words that a technician asked was "Are you American?" before confirming that the slashings seem to be Yankee-centric.

Some people are apparently getting creative with ways to thwart the vandals. Hole says he met one gentleman who bought an empty plastic gun case to leave in his car in the hopes that a tire slasher wouldn't want to mess with a gun owner's car.

Regardless, Hole, who pays more about $130 for an out-of-country fishing license, says that while the tire damage is concerning and may impact his decision on whether to return to Chilliwack, the vandals don't represent the majority of the people in the area.

"The people up there have always been beyond nice," Hole says. "For it to come to this with some people trying and send a message to U.S., it's just stupid. I just hope the cops catch these guys. You worry about some of the rednecks fishing up there who have guns. They might take matters into their own hands."

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