Animal Liberation Front Activists Briefly Free 1,000 Minks From Washington Farm (Where Many Are Immediately Hit by Cars)

Note to animal-rights activists: Freeing caged animals from farms is only beneficial to the animals if they have someplace to go after being freed--preferably someplace not near a busy highway.

"Unnamed activists" associated with the group Animal Liberation Front announced today that they had freed 1,000 minks from Miller's Mink Ranch in Gifford, Wash.

According to a statement from the activists:

We chose to do this not because we believe that humans wearing fur is inherently wrong. Rather we think that the callous disrespect with which the fur industry treats the animals is despicable. The fact that it has become an 'industry' for the vanity and fashion of the rich is what we hate.

So what happened after the animals were freed?

KXLY reports:

The Stevens County Sheriff's Office reports that 99-percent of the mink have been recovered in the last day. Several of the mink were hit by cars and died after they were released.


mink released into the wild tend to die fairly quickly

Animal-rights activists like these are fond of claiming that even though most of the minks were recaptured and some of them died, the financial hardship inflicted on the mink farm justifies the act.

But at the end of the day, these groups are using animals--indeed killing animals--to prove a point.

How that squares with the groups' mantra of protecting animal rights escapes me.

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