Tonight, Long Walk participant DK Pan , an artist best known for marshaling a team of taggers to cover the U-District's vacant Tubs bathhouse in


Stranger Genius DK Pan's Rejected Interview Formats/Art Projects Unveiled!

Tonight, Long Walk participant DK Pan, an artist best known for marshaling a team of taggers to cover the U-District's vacant Tubs bathhouse in a hideous blanket of graffiti and then allegedly using the building for nefarious activities, will be honored with a $5,000 check from The Stranger as the Capitol Hill weekly's 2011 Visual Arts Genius. Charged with profiling Pan in connection with his award, Stranger visual arts writer Jen Graves was met with an odd request by the artist (all sic):

"maybe we could make it into an art project," Pan proposed. "like maybe we send texts to one another as we walk from opposite ends of the aurora bridge towards one another, greet, have tea, then keep walking?... something related to chance and the meeting of an artist and critic may be interesting."

Graves dutifully indulged her Genius. But it turns the bridge-walking, text-'n-tea format was the tamest Pan proposed. Leaked to us by a source who temporarily got her hands on Pan's cellphone, here are four more art projects/interviews he proposed to Graves via text (all sic):

  • "maybe we can break into a broadmoor mansion, 'borrow' a standard poodle, walk it out onto the golf course and teach it how to hit a pitching wedge, and play, on a vintage boom box, sounds recorded from atop a Federal Way overpass while the poodle is pitching. instead of yelling 'fore' we will yell 'five' and upwards numerically. i will create a dictionary on a napkin from grim's that will tell you what certain words articles of clothing are meant to signify, then i will remove the articles of clothing until they form a sentence...which you can use in your article, which will explore the relationship of dogs to private golf courses to freeways to clothing."
  • "maybe we can meet at the montlake bridge during evening rush hour, where i will furnish us with two magenta unicycles and matching bodysuits. we will ride the unicycles, hand in hand, in front of oncoming traffic, faking like the grating will make us fall but never actually falling. u will then interview irate motorists. whatever they say will constitute your article/my art project, which will explore the relationship between unicycles and wet suits, and be a commentary on the psychological impact of work commutes."
  • "maybe we could meet at the jimi hendrix statue on broadway. i will mimic the statue's pose and yell 'rock out with your cock out' repeatedly. i will not reveal my cock as i rock, but rather a seven-foot styrofoam penis protruding from my jeans, with the words 'wang chung' written on it. for your article, you will reprint page thirty-three of charles cross' hendrix biography, as an exploration of the connectivity of rock, cock, and arts criticism."
  • "we will meet at emerald downs during the third race on sunday, where i will arrange for three heavyset homeless men to ride shetland ponies on to the infield. there, we will consume a pony keg of iron horse beer while listening to the bands pony time and the ass ponys and wearing pony shoes. for your story, you will reprint the past performances of the horses participating in the fifth race. it will be a commentary on the inane treatment of horses in sport and journalism."

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