Seattle Department of Transportation Calls for Yet Another Expensive Parking Study

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The Seattle Department of Transportation had so much fun doing its last citywide parking study a few months ago that it already wants to do another.

So if SDOT could get about $150,000, that'd be great.

KOMO reports that SDOT wants the money to perform a study that better tracks where, when, and how people park, thus better allowing the city to jack up rates at a most efficient rate.

"To go out there and actually count cars in spaces, it does cost a little bit of money to go out there. But it's worth it in terms of being able to have rates that actually reflect the parking conditions out there," said SDOT parking operations manager Mike Estey.

The money for the study is apparently already slated to be included in the city's 2012 budget.

Mayor McGinn, meanwhile, yesterday announced a plan to cut all the city's community centers' hours of operation by 10 hours per week, slashing $1 million from their budgets and costing 13 people their jobs.

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