REAL Prep Charter Academy, Portland's Much-Hyped 'Hip-Hop' School, in Danger of Never Opening

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The REAL Prep Charter Academy in Portland was supposed to be a revolutionary type of charter school where students could learn both the music biz and math, science, and the rest of their core classes, all woven with a hip-hop theme.

That, however, was before the school's founders realized that spending all their money on famous rappers' managers and only enrolling a handful of students might make them unable to afford things like desks and books.

The Oregonian reports today that REAL is in danger of not opening.

. . . as of Thursday, the renovated industrial building that is to house the school was still undergoing heavy construction work, and only 48 students were formally enrolled--too few to make the school financially viable.

The school received two federal grants totaling $450,000 and spent it on things like $68,000 for founder Erica Jayasuriya's salary and $79,000 for the manager of De La Soul to design part of a curriculum.

Jayasuriya has since stepped down, and her replacements have either quit as well or threatened to.

Meanwhile, the school is supposed to open this Monday for the 48 students who did sign up (the school had promised to enroll 160 students). But with no furniture to use, few teachers to teach, and little to no resources left to utilize, it would seem that those 48 students will be sent to a bunch of regular, boring, non-hip-hop-themed schools.

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