Seahawks Games Are About to Get a Whole Lot Friskier

In the wake of this weekend's New York Jets/Dallas Cowboys game in which a fan Tased another fan (go ahead, Taser®, call me and tell me it wasn't a Taser®-brand Taser), the NFL is looking to beef up security screenings at NFL games.

Fans can now look forward to ankles-to-knees pat-downs, in addition to the knees-to-shoulders variety.

The NFL sent out instructions for all 32 teams to use the additional screening methods beginning this month.

Seattle Weekly asked CenturyLink about what kind of security fans should expect at the first Seahawks home game, on Sept. 25 against division rivals the Arizona Cardinals. The company spokespeople weren't sure, but have promised to confirm with us.

Either way, the league is asking every team to perform the "enhanced" measures, so there's no reason to think Seattle will buck the system.

So expect a little below-the-waist gropage at games from now on, and be glad the league hasn't installed body scanners . . . yet.

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