Obama's $eattle Visit Isn't Intended to Solve Economic Issues, Other Than His Campaign's

Portland is being left out of this weekend's West Coast swing by President Obama, but Sunday will be his second visit to Seattle in just over a year. It isn't our scenic beauty or political problems that attract him however, it's our money--or their money, that is, the rich folk.

In August 2010, it was a four-hour visit--his first here since his election--essentially to raise money for Sen. Patty Murray's re-election. Sunday he'll be here raising funds for his own re-election. The stopover does not include any free public events for the voters who helped put him in office. There are two private events, however, and if you went to both, they could cost you $43,300 to see the man who promised us Change but on this trip is insisting on checks or credit cards.

Celeb chef Tom Douglas will be making lunch at the Paramount Theater on Sunday that will cost $1,000 a plate, although if you want to get closer to your leader, make the check out for $2,500. Make it $7,500 if you want to literally get next to him, for a photo.

Over on Medina's Gold Coast - where presidential fund-raising visits are so frequent the 9-member police force is equipped with four machine guns - there's a two-for-one visit with Obama at the home of ex-Microsoft exec Jon Shirley, for a flat rate of $35,800 a couple. Parking is free, however.

The visit comes just as--according to a Gallup poll released today--more than 50 percent of Americans now blame Obama for the nation's economic woes.

It probably wouldn't go over well to see that same man sticking his hand out and smiling for all those fat cats. Then again, you're not invited.

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