Man Allegedly Robbed by Co-Worker, Then Bribed $100 Not to Press Charges

A man allegedly robbed his co-worker of several items last week, hitting him from behind and then taking off with his backpack, wallet full of money, and iPod.

One thing the supposed assailant failed to acquire from his victim: a sense of irony.

Because later, after the victim called police to say that the guy who robbed him is his co-worker . . . whom he works with . . . at his workplace . . . the robber supposedly offered his victim $100 to keep his mouth shut.

From SPD's blotter.

The victim said that he had been working with the suspect for approximately 5 months and that he was positive about his identification. The victim showed detectives text messages from the suspect offering to pay him $100.00 to not press charges against him.

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