Longshoreman to Cops: Arrest Us If You Want, We Won't Stop Protesting

Anyone who thought that a few arrests (OK, 125 arrests) and some bad press would keep the good men of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union down, think again.

The ILWU's president Dan Coffman says the battle over Longview, Wash.'s EGT grain terminal is just heating up.

Speaking to KOMO News, Coffman says of the tense standoff between workers and police: "I think it's going to get worse before it gets better."

A federal judge has ordered that the ILWU members stay away from the grain terminal where they have been protesting for months. The workers' answer to the judge is a simple "no way."

Coffman says the workers are more than ready to be arrested, and that they view those arrests as their patriotic duty.

One worker says "What's morally wrong with being a criminal when you are fighting for American jobs?"

Meanwhile, the battle over workers' vs. corporate rights is also being waged in the courtroom, with ILWU's lawyers having filed a lawsuit against local authorities alleging brutal and violent tactics by police.

Whatever happens in the courtroom, it seems clear that these workers are not backing down. One can say a lot about these ILWU workers, but not that they aren't committed to their cause.

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