John Urquhart, Voice of King County Sheriff's Office, Stepping Down, Skipping Off to Hawaii

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There are few cops in the state of Washington I'd rather talk to than Sgt. John Urquhart. The 23-year veteran King County Sheriff's Deputy and spokesman tells like it is when you ask him and tells it on time when you need him to.

Fortunately for him and unfortunately for anyone who'll ever have to call the sheriff's office for some info or a comment, he's trading badges and guns for hammocks and mai tais, packing up, taking his wife, and heading to Hawaii.

Good for him . . . the jerk.

But really, few public information officers are more accessible, honest, candid, and have more fun with their jobs than Sgt. Urquhart.

This is a guy who once sent a stick drawing of a robbery suspect to reporters as a "composite sketch" and told a radio station that a thumbless man certainly didn't get to the hospital by hitchhiking.

He's also a guy who solemnly and dutifully responded to local, regional, national, and international media in cases like the Green River Killer investigation and capture.

I'll save everyone any more sappiness, but suffice to say he does his job well.

Frankly, anyone who can spend more than a decade putting up with nosy reporters on tight deadlines and not end up in a straightjacket is doing well.

Anyone who can do all that and somehow enjoy it is a myth among men.

Enjoy retirement, John. You've earned it.

UPDATE: Urquhart won't be spending all his time in the Aloha State. Just a lot of it. Here's hoping he sends out a cameo press release sometime when he's back in town.

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