Issaquah Gunman's Motive Still a Mystery to Police

Why would a man abandon his car in the middle of the street, pull out two rifles, and start shooting randomly at people?

After two days, it's a question that police are still not very close to answering.

According to the King County Sheriff's Office, around 11:15 a.m. on Saturday, 911 calls started flooding in about a man with two rifles who was shooting at people.

When police officers arrived, that was apparently exactly what they found.

After leaving his Kia sedan in the middle of the road at Front Street and Newport Way in Issaquah, a lone gunman in dark camouflage--a 50-year-old Maple Valley man who hasn't been identified yet--was seen walking up the road pointing his gun at people.

Soon, after trying to break into car parked in a Clark Elementary School parking lot, the man fired his first shots--seemingly aimed at random people.

Next he tried to break into the cab of a backhoe tractor that was parked nearby. He failed and kept firing.

By now the stadium at Issaquah High School, which was in the middle of a football game, had been evacuated.

Soon after that, the gunman started directing his fire at police.

The officers, however, proved much better shots and soon the man was dead with several bullet wounds in him.

Somehow, no one besides the gunman was hurt. Various media reports tell of families running for cover and bullets whizzing by people's heads.

The KCSO was brought in to investigate the incident as an outside agency because of the officer-involved shooting.

As of Sunday night, the latest word from KCSO's Sgt. John Urquhart was that a search warrant had been served at the suspect's home in Maple Valley and that today officers will search his car.

"Obviously the main thing we are doing now is trying to get a sense of who this guy was and what was going on in his head. And therefore try to determine a motive," Urquhart writes to Seattle Weekly. "In addition, was the school(s) his ultimate destination, or did he end up there by fate or coincidence? Don't know. Of course we may never know."

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