Is Al Gore to Blame for Snohomish Stench?

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The mystery has been solved! That overpowering stench that has hung over Snohomish, Wash., for the last few days, offending residents and beguiling investigators as to its origins, has been identified as, of all things, chicken manure.

I blame Al Gore.

That's because chicken manure can be one of the most earth-friendly soil-fertilization substances around. Al Gore knows this. Hell, he may have "invented" it.

When run through a few processes, chicken poop can become what's known as "biochar," which boasts the earth-saving ability to trap carbon in the soil and keep it out of the atmosphere.

Gore has been talking up the stuff for at least a year.

Here he is preaching the benefits of biochar in a USA Today story last year.

Former vice president and environmental advocate Al Gore calls biochar "one of the most exciting new strategies" available to stop climate change. For Frye, it means that, before long, "the chicken poop could be worth more than the chickens themselves."

Here's a handy graphic on biochar production.


In Snohomish, investigators have yet to determine which farm specially is using the chicken manure, so it's unclear if they are spreading biochar or simply raw chicken shit.

But whatever the case, we figured we'd throw Mr. Gore a bone and put his name in the news. Lord knows he's probably Googling it right now.

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