'Inside Job' Theory May Be Crackpot, but That Doesn't Mean 9/11 Commission Got It All Right

It likely doesn't help the 9/11 Truthers' cause that Charlie Sheen is among their supporters. On the other hand, ex-FBI Director Louis Freeh and former Sen. Bob Kerrey, a member of the 9/11 Commission, are among many who question whether we know the full truth about the terror attacks of 10 years ago.

The commission's report is a deeply probing and persuasive document--former U.S. Senator and commission member Slade Gorton, in a friendly Crosscut interview today, insists they got it right. But he perhaps unintentionally revealed that members agreed beforehand not to disagree: "...if we end up having dissenting opinions on what happened," he says, "we will have wasted our time, and the taxpayers' money."

Still, the contention by many Truthers that 9/11 was somehow an inside job is a bigger liability than a guy with tiger blood who rides a mercury surfboard. That the World Trade Center (built in part with Seattle steel by Seattle architects and brought down by Seattle airplanes) and other structures were leveled by implosions, is a conspiracy with a crackpot theory. This astonishing plot was supposedly masterminded by the president who said ''One of the great things about books is sometimes there are some fantastic pictures.''

Unfortunately, that forever-unprovable insider theory overshadows legitimate 9/11 questions that linger in the wake of the commission's unified findings. Former Vice President Walter Mondale and New York Sen. Charles Schumer, among others, felt there was need for a new and broader inquiry, mostly regarding the politics involved in the commission's conclusions. Rhode Island Sen. Lincoln Chafee backed formation of a new independent commission with subpoena power to settle questions raised by Truthers to put conspiracy theories to rest, one way or another.

There are thousands more on record backing a new probe, one that is not predisposed to follow the Bush-Cheney administration's interpretation of the attacks. Here and here are some of the many websites laying out their arguments, including respected architects and engineers who insist the WTC was imploded.

Decide for yourself. But just as Slade Gorton said the commission got it right, fellow member Bob Kerrey said it might take "a permanent" 9/11 commission to solve the remaining mysteries - including this and this, revealed just today.

Unfortunately, as the nation wrings its hands over tragedy this weekend, no one's likely to appoint one.

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