GOP Looks to Punish NLRB for Boeing Case by Stripping It of Power

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House GOP members are not satisfied to simply oppose the National Labor Relations Board's case against Boeing and its possibly illegal decision to build a plant in South Carolina. They want to to strip the NLRB of its power for all labor cases.

Specifically, House Republicans want to eliminate the NLRB's ability to order companies to shut down plants--even if that company violates the law by illegally retaliating against unionized workers (exactly what Boeing is accused of).

The AP reports today that the House is expected to easily pass a bill that would neuter the NLRB's ability to enforce the law.

The bill, however, will likely die in the Senate as Democrats still have the numbers to block it--not that President Obama wouldn't veto it anyway if it ever reached his desk.

He would veto it, right?

Either way, the bill is more of a campaign tactic anyway. By forcing Congress to vote on such a contentious bill, Republicans are hoping to use those votes as political ammunition in the 2012 election.

I can already see the campaign ads:

"Congressman James Clyburn hates South Carolina and he hates America. Why else would he vote to let the National Labor Relations Board kill jobs with a sharpened communist sickle? It's time for a change. Stephen Colbert 2012."

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