Evan Savoie, 12-Year-Old Convicted as Adult for Murder, Now 20 and Heading Back to Court for Retrial

Evan Savoie02.jpg
Savoie at 20.
When Evan Savoie was convicted at age 12 of murdering his 13-year-old playmate, prosecutors called it the most brutal homicide committed by a juvenile in Washington state history.

A judge is now calling that conviction into question, and a new appeals trial will determine if the child killer, no longer a child, can go free.

AP reports:

evan savoie01.jpg
Savoie at 12.
The state Court of Appeals has ordered a new trial for Evan Savoie, convicted of stabbing a 13-year-old playmate to death in February 2003.

The crime itself was horrific. Savoie was the last person seen with 13-year-old Craig Sorger, a developmentally disabled boy from Ephrata. When Sorger was found later, he was a bloody mess left in the leaves--30 stab wounds perforating his small body.

Another playmate of the two who helped kill Sorger testified against Savoie, and a jury didn't take long in convicting the boy of an adult crime and sentencing him to 20 years in prison.

Savoie's lawyers, however, convinced a Grant County Superior Court judge that his rights may have been violated, both in that his trial wasn't public and in the choice of lawyers appointed by the court.

Savoie and his mother have long contended that he is innocent.

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