Emma Cloney, Microsoft Manager, Claims Drunken Boss Tried to Have Sex with Her at 'Throbbing Mass' Party

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The following story of alleged workplace debauchery is made at least twice as interesting by the fact that it's reported by a UK tabloid.

The story involves Microsoft Global Alliance Manager Emma Cloney and her manager, who isn't named in the story.

According to Cloney, there was a party in Atlanta involving some 13,000 to 14,000 Microsoft employees from the U.S. and the UK.

Or, as The Daily Telegraph puts it:

The party, in Atlanta, was a "throbbing mass" of drunken punch-ups, sexual liaisons and "outrageous behaviour" among senior members of staff, all fuelled by an unlimited supply of neat vodka and Jagermeister . . .

At one point Cloney apparently went to the bathroom and was followed in there by her very drunk, very married boss. Things supposedly got awkward quickly when the boss made "unwanted sexual advances" toward Cloney.

Two other employees apparently swooped in to "protect" Cloney and keep her away from the manager.

The incident came to light as part of a $20 million lawsuit by Simon Negus, Microsoft's former UK chief, who was fired after a gaggle of women accused him of sexual harassment. He in turn has sued Microsoft for wrongful termination.

Negus, who appears not to be the man Cloney is accusing of harassment, is nonethe-less pictured directly next to her in the Telegraph's story about the case.

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