Comment of the Week: Tea Bagging Is Not Just for the Gays

This week the great Rick Anderson told you about Whidbey Tea Party organizer Terresa Hobbs and the open letter she posted to Sound Publishing.

The letter berates SP and others about how they supposedly know nothing about the Tea Party and its members. It also details Hobbs' claim that she had no idea what the term "tea bagging" meant because she's not a "member of the homosexual community."

One reader says Hobbs obviously still has no idea what tea bagging is.

Here's the full context of Hobb's "tea bagger" missive:

First the pejorative term that some claim is used by Tea Partiers to describe themselves; tea b***er. I've been a member of the Tea Party since its inception and can assure you, no Tea Partier has ever used it to describe him/herself. The first time I heard the term was when it was used by the odious Janeane Garofalo on a left-wing cable talk show, in conjunction with the 'racist' label. Not being a member of the homosexual community, I had no idea what it meant and had to 'google' it. Now when I see or hear someone use the term I want to ask "does your mother know you talk like that"?...

To that, Kate writes:

That chick should just say that she's never had interesting sex. Since when is tea bagging just for gay men?

Indeed, Urban Dictionary makes no reference to homosexuality being a prerequisite to inserting one's scrotum into another person's mouth--invited or otherwise.

As to what tea-bag-friendly Kate is up to this weekend, I'm not sure. But there are likely plenty of guys who'd like to hang out.

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