Apparently Idiots Throw Pumpkins at People in the Fall

There are few more cowardly acts than the throwing of unpleasant items at pedestrians while in a moving vehicle (or vice versa).

But apparently idiots do this around this time of year.

In Victoria, B.C., last week a woman was jogging around the University of Victoria campus and was taken off her feet when a pumpkin got hurled at her--thrown, apparently, by one of several laughing dipshits in a truck. The woman scraped herself up pretty bad, but will be OK.

Other cases haven't ended so well.

Rachel Vaughn was running with a team near Toronto when she got pumpkined in much the same manner as the woman above. In Vaughn's case, however, she ended up with serious internal injuries and, as of the last report, still couldn't walk.

Donna Rogers was driving to work in Manlius, N.Y. when a massive pumpkin came hurtling through her windshield. Glass shattered from the window into her arms, face, and eyes, actually scratching one of her corneas.

Here's a photo she took of the damage.

pumpkin window01.jpg

Sometimes they catch the idiots, like in Albany, N.Y., when sheriff's deputies caught a trio of 18- and 20-year-olds bombing gourds off an overpass and charged them with a whole docket full of crimes.

At least the kids in Battleground, Wash., apparently stick to smashing pumpkins on parked cars.

There are plenty of other tales to be had of dangerous pumpkinings.

But the point is to watch out for. . . wait, if someone really wants to drop a pumpkin on your car from an overpass or throw it at you from a car, there ain't much you can do about it.

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