Worst Parents in the World? Christopher Robinson and TaRae Demry Charged With Starving and Abusing 5-Week-Old Son

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There are bad parents who let their kids sit too close to the TV and eat junk food all day, and then there are bad parents like 19-year-old TaRae Demry and her 20-year-old fiancée Christopher Robinson. According to Kent Police, the young couple took parenting to a despicable new low by allowing their infant son to starve and shaking him so violently that he suffered "uncontrollable seizures and other medical abnormalities."

Authorities learned of the gut-churning abuse on July 16, when Demry and Robinson took their 5-week-old son to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital in Tacoma. The boy was in critical condition, and doctors and nurses immediately recognized signs of "non-accidental trauma." The hospital staff contacted Kent Police, who eventually arrested the pair on July 26 in their East Kent apartment.

Kent Police spokesman Lt. Pat Lowery says Demry, "admitted that she had failed to regularly feed the child and that she had assaulted the infant on multiple occasions during fits of anger." One of the excuses Demry had for letting her infant starve was that she "misplaced her food coupons," Lowery says.

"In doing our interviews with them there were several explanations that were provided," Lowery says. "But it's just one of those things where there's so many resources out there for taking care of kids."

Kent police also report that the father "admitted knowing that the boy was seriously ill in the days leading up to his hospitalization, but [made] no effort to secure medical assistance."

Demry is now charged with felony first-degree assault of a child, and both she and Robinson face an additional misdemeanor charge of criminal mistreatment of a child. Demry could receive up to 10 years in prison plus fines, while Robinson is looking at up to a year behind bars.

The child is now in the custody of the state. Kent police note that although the boy's condition has stabilized, "the long-term effect of those injuries has yet to be determined."

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