Welcome back to another exciting installment of This Week in Starbucks Crime, in which we catalog the bad acts occurring at Starbucks' 16,000-odd worldwide locations


This Week in Starbucks Crime: Toilet-Cam in Hartford Captures Penises; Cops in Seattle Capture Robber!

Welcome back to another exciting installment of This Week in Starbucks Crime, in which we catalog the bad acts occurring at Starbucks' 16,000-odd worldwide locations over the past seven days, as well as the week's fallout from prior Starbucks-related misdeeds. This week we visit with a penis-loving toilet-cam operator on the right coast and a money-craving burglar in our own neck of the woods!


We begin this week in beautiful Hartford, Connecticut, where it has happened again. By "it," we of course mean a man getting caught placing a hidden camera pointed at a toilet in the bathroom of his local Starbucks.

Courtesy West Hartford PD
Paul Deveau joins the ranks of Starbucks toilet-cam operators.

Paul Deveau, reportedly a graphic designer with the Hartford Hospital, was done in when, on July 27, a patron at a Starbucks in West Hartford investigated the lack of hot water coming out of the bathroom sink. The man came across a small camera taped to the sink's piping. Evidently curious, he brought the camera home and saw 12 images of men, their penises exposed while using the toilet. The man returned the camera to the Starbucks the following day, and management called the cops.

Deveau's undoing, like other toiletcamistas before him, was to record while setting up the camera. In the incriminating footage, his face wasn't visible, but his shirt, depicting two sledgehammers on the front, was. By a happy coincidence, when cops arrived at his home (after being told by a Starbucks customer Deveau's first name, his occupation, and about the existence of his dog Muffin), he was wearing the same shirt. Also, Muffin was in the front yard.

According to the Hartford Courant, Deveau told officers that he'd actually planted four toilet-cams; two at area Starbucks, one at a gas station on Route 66 in Hebron, and a fourth in a Subway restaurant on Farmington Avenue in West Hartford. Cops reported finding no cameras at the other spots, but another toilet-cam was recovered from Cosi, an Italian restaurant also in West Hartford, after the manager there did a sweep upon hearing of Deveau's arrest.

The culprit reportedly explained himself by saying he enjoys looking at penises. He also said he was sorry, it is alleged. He has been charged with 12 counts of voyeurism, and is next due in court August 11.


And now to Washington, the state. It was here, in Edmonds to be more precise (and on the 21900 block of state Route 99, to get extremely detailed about it, which we're happy to do, since it is a pleasure to serve you), that on Tuesday evening a 5'7" white male, described by witnesses as aged between 20 and 30, wearing a Mariners baseball cap and with a newspaper folded in his arm, entered the local Starbucks. Saying he had a gun (but keeping the alleged weapon concealed, and so violating the cardinal storytelling rule of "show, don't tell"), he demanded money from the till. The man made off with an undisclosed sum, which he wrapped in his newspaper, never to be heard from again.

Until, it seems, the next evening, when at a Starbucks on the 13000 block of Aurora Avenue North in our very own Seattle, a white male, described by witnesses as short, in his 30's, wearing a Mariners baseball cap, and carrying a newspaper in his arm, announced that he had a gun in his waistband and demanded cash from the till.

Again the man made off with the loot. It might have ended well for him had he not been seen moseying into a sports bar around the corner, which is where cops, acting on a tip from an eagle-eyed Starbucks patron, found him in the bathroom, along with cash and a Mariners cap, but no gun.

Cops haven't said whether the two crimes are linked, and the man, 29, has not been named. He has been monikered, however, by the PI, which is calling him the "double-short bandit." Because he's short and he probably robbed two Starbucks? OK, fine. The cops have nabbed the suspected double-short bandit.


That's all for this week. Until next time, and we'll keep saying it until everyone gets the message: When setting up your toilet-cam, don't press record until after you are out of the camera's frame.

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