Tanning Salon Owner: Our Business Does Not Keep a Lost-and-Found for Methamphetamine

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Diane Lough runs the Island Sun Tanning Salon in Longview, Wash. Sometimes people leave things there: hats, purses, books, Speedos, etc. And if customers do leave something behind, the store owner makes sure to hold on to it until they come back to retrieve it.

Lough draws the line, however, at bags of meth.

Longview police just released a year-old report of that involves a woman named Mary Marilyn Greene, 30, who left her bag of methamphetamine on the floor at the salon, then called later to pick it up.

"She was tanning here, and she called back about something bad in the tanning room," Lough tells Seattle Weekly. "We said, yes we have it here. And when she came to get it, the cops were waiting."

The police waited until the woman had picked up her meth, then they quickly arrested her outside the store.

Lough, meanwhile, encourages any meth-smoking clients to be a little more careful with their bags of drugs.

Not that meth-addled customers can't come in for expertly performed tanning services, because they can.

And frankly, if one's meth addiction still allows for money to be spent on cosmetic indulgences like tanning, then the meth addict in question is doing better than many.

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