Scott Hamrick, Firefighter and Alleged Child Molester, Kills Himself Before Arrest

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Before Scott Hamrick killed himself in a horse trailer, he wrote a note that said he was "afraid he would be going to prison."

From the sound of the investigation that drove him to commit suicide, Hamrick was probably right.

KIRO 7 has the story:

It appears a veteran Pierce County firefighter killed himself rather than face a police investigation into the repeated molestation of his adopted daughters.

Hamrick, a 27-year veteran of the fire department, had quit his job on June 23 after an investigation began over allegations that he had molested his foster daughter. Later, the investigation widened to include other adopted children.

On June 30, rather than live through the investigation, Hamrick killed himself in a horse trailer at his family's ranch.

It's only now that info is being released.

Pierce County Sheriff Spokesman Ed Troyer calls the continuing investigation into Hamrick's crimes "disgusting and horrific," and says that Hamrick's wife may be charged with abuse as well.

And if there was much doubt about whether the fire department thinks Hamrick is guilty, Fire Chief Doug Willis more or less dispenses with it, writing:

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