Loren Nichols, Kennewick's 'Death-to-Illegals' City-Council Candidate, Skates Through Primary, Now Faces Off Against Mayor

It would appear that Loren Nichols' political platform of killing illegal immigrants who don't leave town within 30 days, is resonating with Kennewick voters.

The first-time politician finished second in Tuesday's primary election, amassing 27 percent of the vote.

Now Nichols will face off against Kennewick Mayor Steve Young in the November general election.

I interviewed Nichols last week and he told me that he wants to use the death penalty "as a motive to get [illegal aliens] out of the country."

He maintained that his views on capital punishment are being misconstrued and that he doesn't want anyone to die. But he also said that killing illegal immigrants is inevitable and "the first death or two that has to be processed would get their attention."

Nichols wants the fist line of defense at the border with soldiers posted there ready to shoot anyone who tries to enter without leave.

Should undocumented immigrants make it into the country, however, Nichols is proposing that a $1,000 reward be given to people who turn them in.

Since my interview and other interviews he gave to The Tri-City Herald and others, Nichols has gone on media blackout.

He's refused our interview requests and others.

At this point, however, he's about as well known as any politician in Kennewick.

His stances are violent and vile, of course, but there is apparently a sizable electorate for violent and vile, when it comes to illegal immigration.

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