King County Metro Refuses to Run Idiotic Health Advertisements

Remember last year when the anti-Israeli group wanted to put ads on King County buses that showed the bloody aftermath of missile strikes in Palestine? It was those ads that led to a new policy by Metro of refusing any politically themed ads on buses.

That policy appears to be paying off now that the transit agency has denied a request to run one of the most idiotic public-health ads ever created.

We're talking, of course, about the "Let's Do This King County" campaign, and "Mia," its pontificating, prepubescent poster girl.

The King County healthy-living advocacy group asked Metro to run the ad below on its bus fleet.

dumb billboard01.jpg
Answer: stop shopping for fruit at the smoke shop.

Metro said "No, thanks."

The reason, as we mentioned, wasn't because the ads are stupid, but because they're political.

That doesn't mean that the $800,000 campaign is going away. The group tells NPR that it has found plenty of other places to put ads posing the above question, and another one that says "Sugary drinks are everywhere. Why can't I find more milk?"

The answer to Mia's question, of course, lies in a separate section of the grocery store that's selling her the sugary drinks.

So be on the lookout for Mia and her thought-provoking questions--just not on the buses, where more important questions need answering, like "How will I get from point A to point B after the county cuts the Metro budget again?"

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