Dave Poletti & Associates, Seattle Property-Management Company, Tries to Sue Man Over Bad Yelp Review


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Dave Poletti.
"JT" isn't the only one to leave a piss-poor review on the Yelp page for local property-management company Dave Poletti & Associates.



Dave Poletti & Associates, Seattle Property-Management Company, Tries to Sue Man Over Bad Yelp Review

  • Dave Poletti & Associates, Seattle Property-Management Company, Tries to Sue Man Over Bad Yelp Review

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    dave poletti01.jpg
    Dave Poletti.
    "JT" isn't the only one to leave a piss-poor review on the Yelp page for local property-management company Dave Poletti & Associates.

    But he is the only one to get sued for it.

    KIRO 7 reports that not long after JT wrote his scathing review (as he puts it "It wasn't pretty, but it was true"), Yelp forwarded him a subpoena.

    The man, who posted under the username "JT," shared with KIRO 7 a lawsuit and subpoena that ordered online review website Yelp to turn over "business records" that included the man's identifying information by 10 a.m. on Wednesday, August 10.

    Once KIRO started asking questions, the lawsuit was dropped.

    Seattle Weekly reached out to David Poletti for his side of the story, but we haven't heard back yet.

    The suit was filed by ironically named attorney Greg Lawless. He explained that the reasoning behind the suit was that JT got facts wrong. He says that Poletti did try to work with him to address his concerns--a statement that JT strongly denies.

    At any rate, the knee-jerk legal overreaction has since been rectified. But only after word got out about it.

    So in that spirit, here are all the negative reviews posted on Yelp about Dave Poletti & Associates.

    You're welcome.

    Emily D (1 star):

    Reasons not to like Dave Poletti & Associates:

    1. They kick tenants out on the street for being poor or unemployed no matter what the tenant tries to do to keep their apartment. This happened to a friend and neighbor who is quite literally going from door-to-door sleeping on her friends couches. Profit is their number one concern not their apartments they manage or tenants that live there.

    2. Maintenance quality and professionalism is poor except for one person that can actually do the job correctly so you don't have to fix the original problem and the new problems they create.

    3. The office staffs professionalism is sorely lacking. Lets talk about being yelled at for bring to their attention problems with their apartments and staff.

    3b. Lack of professionalism part II: They routinely will not make an appointment with a potential tenant. Why? Don't ask me, could it be they don't care? Or that their profit motive was not high enough that day? Hmm...

    Just avoid renting from them or allowing them to manage your property. You'll be sorry you ever did.

    Liv B. (1 star):

    After four years of being loyal tenants- paying our high rent and taking care of a worn down house in a nice neighborhood, Dave Poletti & Associates are paying us back by giving us the last big $ squeeze.

    We never expected to get our deposit back having lived in the house for a while, but what they are demanding seems more of a way to remodel on our expense.

    Believe me, the house need some TLC! We have had to put up with a leaking bathroom through the floor to downstairs, old and wrong plumbing in the kitchen causing repeated troubles, gutters falling apart and causing water damage in the bedroom walls, unstable old and in dependable furnace that went dead on us during the coldest weekend last year and many other times to mention some.

    Sometimes people working for Poletti came when we asked, a lot of the times it took a while, and sometimes we had to do the work at our own expense. But their solutions were never one of a more permanent and expensive fix.

    The problems always came back. This has been a general grief the time we have spent there, even though we love the neighborhood and the house itself could be nice.

    So when we finally move on, they try to get money out of us any way they can. Their company policy is to threaten with collections on first communication, quite rude when we never have been late with payments. Charging us big bucks for painting the wall that needed to be painted after the repeated leaks from the upstairs bathroom, 23 hours deep cleaning (!) on top of carpet and blinds cleaning, 180$ just to clean the blinds - cmon! This is not a big house, and we kept it decently clean. We are expected to pay for heating weeks after we had moved out- most likely to keep the house warm when they were working and not turning it of. The list goes on.

    Our advise if you are looking to rent; stay away from Dave Poletti & Associates !!!

    Jake R. (1 star):

    All I can say is they are very unresponsive to potential renters who express interest in the properties they have listed. It doesn't seem like Dave Poletti is trying very hard to get these properties occupied. Nobody answers the phone.

    LL (1 star):

    Property owner BEWARE. I hired Dave because of all these 5 stars ratings on google. Sure, at the beginning everyone looks and acts professionally. This is my first time I hire a property management company. I signed the contract right away since they seems they are good at what they are doing. OK. I know the market is tough, rental market is slow, totally understandable. They kept on telling me to reduce the rent. It has come to a point that I would rather hold my property vacant than letting people trash it. So I canceled the contract early. Really I never blamed them not getting me any tenant. Now, since I canceled the contract, I contacted Ashlie thousands time regarding any refund of my deposit. She kept on telling or emailing me that Dave was the one who handled all invoicing. He will contact me next week (the first time I heard that was end of October). So I waited, emailed. Then it's Thanksgiving. Dave's out of town blah blah blah. So this week beginning of December! THis week no emails reply at all! Should anybody contacting me? Letting me know I won't even get a dime from my deposit? Finally I got a chance to talk to Dave. Guess what? Ashlie's in meeting and I was mistaken another Client who has the same name as mine so I GOT THE CHANCE to talk to Dave FINALLY! I know I myself is the one to blame for not to look at the contract carefully but the worst is to hire them! My complaint: even if I do not get any money back from them, I deserve some responses when I have inquiries! Ashlie for sure knows what're the terms and she could have told me that the contract is for 12 months and basically I won't get any money back if canceled early. Maybe she knows the terms are so unfair to property owners that she does not have guts to tell me. She kept on telling me it's Dave who's handling this. Then Get DAVE to talk to me but he NEVER! (until I was mistaken somebody else!) EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL! I do hope all those 5 stars reveiws are true. But my own personal experience tells me they don't even deserve one star if I have a choice.

    Another one from Emily D. (1 star):

    OK, I've been meaning to write a review of Dave Poletti & Associates (and I do include the associates) but the straw that broke the camels back came after hearing that they evicted a tenant and neighbor because she was unemployed, therefore unable to pay full rent. Now she is on the street even after her attempts to find any way possible to stay in her apartment such as paying partial rent or working for the company in any aspect. I understand that DP&A is a for-profit business (and they milk you like a commodity cow) but throwing someone on the street is beyond reprehensible. And that's just for beginners.

    Before the eviction I have been having problems with them for years. Lets start with the maintenance crew. The quality and professionalism of the work varies depending on who you get. One day repairs will go smoothly without a hitch but then if someone else (besides the one competent maintenance man) come and does repairs the problem still lingers plus there is a mess that they leave for you to clean up.

    Next comes the office staff. One woman in particular who is very entrenched in the company will milk you for every dime when she gets the chance through any fee she can levy and then will berate you if you complain about any of your problems with the apartment, office staff, or the way she treats you. Unfortunately, you can never get a hold of Mr. Dave Poletti himself to explain your problems with his staff and apartments he manages.

    Also, to give you another taste of what the office staff is like I came across a woman that was supposed to look at an apartment but the person from DP&A that was supposed to meet them never showed up (they waited around a full 45 minute is what she said). If DP&A has such disregard for potential tenants imagine how they feel and treat current tenants.

    So, if you have a change to rent (or have them manage your property) DON'T DO IT. You'll rue the day.

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