ACLU to Man Barred From Wearing Bunny Suit: "Call Us"

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William Falkingham is a 34-year-old man from Idaho Falls who just happens to enjoy dressing up in a bunny suit (and sometimes a tutu) and wandering around the neighborhood. Who doesn't?

Well, turns out that Mr. Falkingham's wascally-wabbit hobby has thoroughly creeped out his neighbors. Now the police are involved and have told Falkingham that he needs to keep his bunny suit (and his First Amendment rights) to himself.

The local ACLU chapter, meanwhile, has something to say about that.

Monica Hopkins, executive director for the Boise chapter of the ACLU, tells Seattle Weekly that she hadn't heard of Falkingham's bunny-suited plight until we called.

But she says, at least from an initial look, that our furry friend may have a legitimate constitutional complaint on his paws. "On its face, there may be a violation of First Amendment freedom of expression," says Hopkins. "I would encourage him to contact our office and file a complaint so we can further investigate."

According to KPVI, police had been called to a street in Idaho Falls after someone complained that a man in a bunny suit was hiding behind a tree and pointing at children.

Finding Mr. Falkingham, police apparently told him that he needs to lose the suit if he's going to be in public.

No crime was alleged.

So without a law being violated, it's unclear what authority the local police would have to make Falkingham remove his costume.

After all, the guys that used-car dealerships hire to stand outside in gorilla costumes holding signs are creepy too. Can the cops stop them?

Such big constitutional implications packed in such a small, furry costume . . .

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