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? I'm not looking for a buddy when I visit a dispensary. But it still sucks to be treated like a nuisance rather than a


A Losing G.A.M.E.: Dispensary Shows How Not to Treat Customers

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?I'm not looking for a buddy when I visit a dispensary. But it still sucks to be treated like a nuisance rather than a paying customer.   

The dispensary in question here is G.A.M.E. in White Center (the acronym stands for Green Piece Alternative Medicine and Education). And after my visit on a recent Saturday, I can't even say the staff's annoyance reflected their being "all business," because that connotes a degree of professionalism that just wasn't there.

G.A.M.E. might be fine if you already know exactly what you want. (If what you want is one of the only four strains G.A.M.E. had in stock, which were all $10 a gram.) But when a budtender doesn't even bother to conceal his displeasure at a patient's basic questions, you can't expect to get much more than that.

It wasn't just that the budtender didn't offer guidance. It was as if I wasn't even there. I was pretty much on my own during the medicine-selection process. Rather than offering to get anything for me, or asking if I needed any help, he simply stood there and stared at me the entire time. And it wasn't that the place was busy, either; during my visit, I was the only paying customer in sight.

Not helping at all was what happened, or didn't happen, while I was straining my eyes in an attempt to see G.A.M.E.'s selection of products (medibles, cannacaps, and tinctures), which were set too far back from the counter to be easily visible. Normally a shop is eager to show a new customer all it has to offer. Yet again: nothing.

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Purple Silver Haze: "closely trimmed" or "possibly kiefed"?

?As a first-time visitor, it would have been really nice to have been given at least some idea, some bare hint, of what was available. An attitude is the last thing patients need to deal with on top of their health challenges. And I don't complain just because I have the platform to do so, but also to remind dispensaries like G.A.M.E. that, with competitors popping up every day, customers can always take their business elsewhere--Herban Legends is only about a block away, and the employees there have always been polite.

It'd be one thing if G.A.M.E.'s only issue was surly help. But that's just not the case.

The two strains I selected (after asking to have a look at them; again, nothing was offered) were Sour Diesel and Purple Silver Haze. The Sour Diesel smelled and tasted nothing like any Sour Diesel I've had before (and I've had it a number of times). Rather than the potent sativa's expected tangy fuel taste, there was a fruity sweetness more reminiscent of an AK-47. The effects, while quick in onset, also faded a little more quickly than average, with the initial promise dissipating within an hour.

I asked about the genetics of the Purple Silver Haze--as in just the basics, sativa or indica?--and was tersely told it was a "mix." The name seems to indicate a cross between the sativa strain Silver Haze and some unnamed purple forebear, and the effects bear out this assumption--the buds were quite effective in reducing nausea and pain, even though they looked a little beat up (beyond "closely trimmed"--all the way to "possibly kiefed").

Bottom line: The medicine at G.A.M.E. wasn't good enough to make up for the bad attitude, lack of variety, and total unwillingness to help out a newbie.

Especially with better shops nearby.

G.A.M.E.'s White Center location is at 9801 16th Avenue SW, telephone 571-6749. G.A.M.E. West Seattle is at 5437 California Ave. S.W., telephone 371-8647.

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