Why is Dennis Kucinich Twirling, Twirling, Twirling Toward Freedom?

As you well know, Dennis Kucinich is considering a move to our Washington. This is because his Cleveland Congressional seat, which he's held for coming up on 16 years, is likely to be contracted; because he likes his job; and because he almost certainly believes he can win here, possibly in a soon-to-be-formed 10th district, or more likely in aspiring governor Jay Inslee's soon-to-be-vacated first district seat.

"Upward, not forward."
We won't wade into whether such a move would be good or bad for America. We'll merely note that he is due back in our state--less than a month after his last visit--on August 4, when he's scheduled to twirl speak before the Washington State Labor Council's annual convention at the SeaTac DoubleTree. (That is, assuming his presence isn't required in the other Washington to vote on whether we as a country should [or, at that point, it would be should have] voluntarily default[ed] on our debt.) Oh, that and let you know that Kucinich once wanted to be a baseball.

Yeah, that's what we said. A baseball. Just watch the (non-embeddable) video. You may never view "out-of-town" politicians in the same way again.

CLICK HERE for the clip.

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