Washington Lawmakers to Wage Easiest Fight Ever: Stopping Accused Sex Offenders From Watching Kiddie Porn in Jail

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Weldon Marc Gilbert
Attention, Washington state politicians! It's time to muster some guts and make a stand. It's time to bravely put an end to accused child rapists being allowed to watch unlimited kiddie porn while in jail.

Who's with me?

OK, probably everyone.


Key state legislators are eager to change the law that allows a suspected sex offender to watch child pornography.

In case you missed the hubbub, convicted sex offender Weldon Marc Gilbert is about to go on trail for raping and molesting young boys, as well as for possessing a boatload of child pornography, some of which is supposedly films of himself raping and molesting said young boys.

And because Gilbert is representing himself as his own lawyer, Pierce County jail officials have no choice but to let him watch the kiddie porn taken from his house as much as he wants.

The story has gained national attention as nationwide rage builds over the situation.

Enter the Evergreen State's first batch of courageous politicians willing to undo this grave injustice.

"I was shocked," said Sen. Mike Carrell, R-Lakewood. "The viewing by somebody charged with child pornography, to be able to continue to view children is just simply wrong, and it's illegal, as far as I'm concerned."

Just remember, lawmakers, while you sit down to the task of stripping defendants' rights away, that the ability to review evidence in one's case is pretty important.

So while no one wants Creepy McMolesterpants going on a 24/7 child-porn movie marathon in the comfort of a Pierce County jail cell, eliminating one person's freedom to review evidence has the potential to impact many more defendants than just that one person.

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