This Week in Starbucks Crime: A Son's Guilt

Welcome back to another installment of This Week in Starbucks Crime, in which we catalog the bad acts occurring at Starbucks' 16,000-odd worldwide locations over the past seven days, as well as the week's fallout from prior Starbucks-related misdeeds. This is a light news week, so let's jump right in, shall we?


We begin in Arkansas, where there has been a development in the tip-jar-thieving incident we reported on last week. As you may recall, a balding man with glasses absconded with a tip jar containing about $20 from a Starbucks drive-thru in Little Rock. He was driving a Range Rover.

That man has turned himself in. His name is Nathaniel Gordon, he is 24, and he was driving his father's vehicle on July 13 when he allegedly did the deed. Gordon told cops he came forward because he figured the theft would be traced back to his father's car (an employee had gotten down part of the license plate number), and he didn't want to get his dad in trouble.

image source
The face of a man who knows he's done wrong.

Gordon was booked at the Pulaski County jail and has been charged with property theft.


We're not going to lie, the terrible news in Norway has us shaken, and it is little comfort to note that the first Starbucks in that country won't be opening until early next year. Until next time, dear readers, be safe and be good.

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