Spanaway Sister Chases Brother Up Tree With Ax, Tries to Chop It Down, Gets Arrested

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The problem with big sisters chasing around little brothers is that little brothers can often climb trees better than big sisters.

Big sisters with big axes, however, can easily overcome the tree-climbing advantages of little brothers (as long as the cops don't arrive first).

Case in point: an incident in Spanaway on the Fourth of July.

According to a police narrative provided to Seattle Weekly Pierce County Sheriff's Office, a 17-year-old girl was arrested after she chased her brother up a tree with a two-headed ax, then proceeded to try to chop the tree down.

It didn't help when either when the girl apparently threw a fit and scratched and kicked an officer. It also didn't help when her dad shut a garage door on the cop.

The incident started around 7 p.m. on Monday. Officers supposedly arrived at a house in Spanaway after receiving a call that a young teenage boy was in a tree screaming while his sister tried to chop it down.

When police arrived, they say the boy was down from the tree, but was crying and avoiding his sister like the plague--looking down and flinching every time she looked at him.

Nearby a tree had about 40 ax chops in it.

The sister apparently wouldn't say a word to police, and while they were interviewing her, her dad, Paloblanc Mendoza supposedly tried to close the garage door on one of the cop's heads.

From the police report (note the name of the father has been redacted to protect the identity of the juveniles in the case):

As I was speaking with Deputy Carpenter I observed [the father] reach for the button to lower the garage door as he looked at me and said "goodbye". I told [the father] that we would leave when we had completed our investigation and that he should in no way lower the garage door as I was standing directly below it. It should be noted that the bottom of the garage door was only inches from the top of my head. [the father] looked at me as he pushed the button and the garage door started to drop onto my head. I reached up with my hand and pushed on the door as I stepped out from under it.

That's when they arrested the father.

In the commotion of the garage-door closing, police say they tried to detain the girl, but she yelled "fuck you, bitch" and severely scratched an officer, and immediately fell on her back and started kicking them (typical sister move).

That's when they arrested her.

The mother of the children eventually admitted that her daughter was chasing her son around with an ax, but that they "play" like this all the time.

Enjoy these years, parents. The kids will be grown up before you know it.

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