Snoqualmie Tribe Has a Wacky Idea Inspired by Willie Nelson: Legalize Marijuana

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Oh, those silly Native Americans and their practical jokes. Have you heard about their latest? Whew boy, it's a doozy. Get this: The Snoqualmie Tribal Council passed a resolution declaring marijuana legal on their reservation as of July 30. Ha! Legal weed! Isn't that just about the craziest dadgummed thing you ever heard in your life?

Or, you know, maybe they're onto something.

Yes, the Snoqualmie Tribal Council really did approve a resolution legalizing weed on their rez as of the end of the month. As reported this morning by The Seattle Times and a variety of other local news outlets, the resolution passed 4-2 last Thursday and was signed by Tribal Chairwoman Shelley Burch and Nina Repin, the tribal secretary.

And yes, it really was a joke. The Tribe intended to print a copy of the resolution, frame it, and present it as a gift to legendary pot-smoking country crooner Willie Nelson on July 30, when he's scheduled to perform at the Snoqualmie Casino.

The resolution was reportedly never intended to be made public, and Tribal leaders have tried their damnedest to downplay the gag. "It was just tongue-in-cheek at a council meeting; we know marijuana is illegal," Burch told the Times. "It was a joke. We don't allow it and we don't back it. We passed it, but it was supposed to be just for him."

But is the idea really all that wacky?

Since Native Americans basically get to play by their own rules on reservations, they have long been a source for semi-illicit goods like fireworks and untaxed tobacco. Why not branch out into the weed business as well? They already generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue with their casino, but imagine how much cash they could acquire supplying pot to Seattle area stoners, or even just permitting gamblers to get hit the peace pipe before hitting the poker table.

The tribe would likely be subject to crackdowns from both local and federal law enforcement, but they would have the funds to afford quality lawyers to mount a legal defense. And you can be certain Willie Nelson would compose a powerful protest song on their behalf.

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