Crazed Call to U.S. Attorney's Office in Seattle Was Last Straw for Man Accused of Threatening President Obama's Life

Darryl James Swanson
Threaten the president once, shame on you. Threaten the president 50 times, shame on you for real.

That would seem to be the motto of the Secret Service, which detained an apparently off-his-meds crazy person named Darryl James Swanson, 45, on Friday after first admonishing him to stop threatening the president two months ago. Swanson faces federal charges of threatening to kill the president and his family.

According to a criminal complaint filed by Secret Service Special Agent Ronald Wayne Brown in Portland on July 1, Swanson began his spree of threatening phone calls by leaving a rambling voice mail with the Seattle bureau of the Associated Press on May 2, saying that "I may have to get in touch with al-Qaeda and get a hold of at least one, possibly two good working machine guns and blast my way into the White House, leaving the president and the first family in caskets full of blood."

In that message, Swanson allegedly went on to call himself "the angel of Revelations 18.1," and concluded on a racial note, stating of the president that "You can burn those ashes till they are fucking white, but never get the n***** out of the black-assed fucking thieving bastard fuck of a n*****."

The news organization contacted the Secret Service, which sent Agent Brown to visit Swanson in his Portland apartment the following day. At that meeting, Swanson explained that a trust fund had been set up for him upon his birth, and he was frustrated over not getting the $70 million that was his due from the president. Brown told Swanson that there was no trust fund and that he'd be getting no money. After searching Swanson's apartment and finding no weapons, Brown made Swanson promise he'd stop threatening the president, and left.

But it wasn't to end there.

According to the complaint, a week later Swanson left three hours of voice mails with the county commissioner's office in Palm Beach County, Florida.

"Aim those fucking guns at the president, kill the rapist," he allegedly ranted. After another visit from Agent Brown, Swanson apologized and promised to stop making the phone calls.

But alas, on June 19 he left 44 voice mails with the U.S. Attorney's office in Portland, saying at one point that "There is no law enforcement . . . capable of protecting President Obama at this point . . . If the check isn't mailed, uh, he doesn't go to jail, he'll lose his life."

Then, in what would be the final straw, on June 30 Swanson left similar messages (unspecified in the complaint) with the U.S. Attorney's office in Seattle. The next day, the Secret Service arrested him. Swanson appeared in federal court in Portland yesterday, agreeing though his lawyer to an evaluation of his mental health.

The Associated Press reports that Swanson's arraignment is set for next month, at which time he'll enter a plea.

A friend of the Swanson family told the AP that he's not a bad guy.

"Darryl's harmless," Mert Rockney, Jr. said. "He just needs to have someone to intervene with him so he takes the right medication."

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