New Wolf Pack Discovered in Washington State

No, not that wolfpack.

This wolf pack.

Washington's fourth documented wolf pack has been confirmed through DNA tests on an animal equipped with a radio collar last month in Kittitas County.

The female gray wolf was located with the help of motion-sensitive cameras, and was tagged, collared, and DNA tested to make sure it wasn't a wolf/dog hybrid, which it wasn't.

They've named the new pack Teanaway Pack, which joins the Diamond Pack, Solmo Pack, and Lookout Pack and Washington's four wolf groups.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife spokesman (and awesomely named individual) Rocky Beach tells Seattle Weekly that the the new confirmed pack puts the number of wolves in Washington state at 20 to 30 animals.

He also notes that as the wolves continue to come out of their dens with new cubs that number could change. "This find indicates that wolves indeed are coming down the Cascades and they're in the habitat we thought they'd be," says Beach. "It's a little surprising that it's so far south. All in all, it's another pack toward recovery."

See here for more information on Washington's wolf population recovery plan.

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