Upon arrival, officers observed Macy run across S 248th St to the church lot and hide in the bushes. Macey was seen shirtless, crouching down


Kyle Macey, Alleged PCP-Smoking Kent Man, Arrested for "Sacrificing" Dog Down Storm Drain, Going Completely Apeshit

Upon arrival, officers observed Macy run across S 248th St to the church lot and hide in the bushes. Macey was seen shirtless, crouching down and shining a flashlight back at officers. Macey had bloody knuckles and was rambling about God and making repeated nonsensical statements.

Such is the apparent result of smoking weed dipped in PCP.

Let's examine.

According to charging documents provided to Seattle Weekly by the King County Prosecutor's Office, Seattle police officers were called to 9416 S. 248th St, at 3:43 in the morning on June 25 for a report of a guy pounding on his mother's window with his fist.

Once there the cops say they found Kyle Earnest Macey, a 24-year-old from Kent, who had followed his mother's car as she attempted to drive away from the house and had broken her car window with his fists.

Next, Macy supposedly grabbed his dog "Diamond," carried her across the street to a storm drain, removed the "100-pound" drain grate, and threw his dog down the drain. Next he allegedly proceeded to find several "boulders" and drop them on the dog one at a time.

Macey supposedly told police that he was "sacrificing" the dog.

After that, he apparently ran across the street, stripped off his shirt, and, as we quoted earlier from the charging documents, shined a flashlight at officers and started babbling nonsense.

Eventually officers tried to arrest Macey.

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Kyle Macey, troubled youth, rapper, sherm fan.
Here's how that went, according to police:

. . . officers attempted to place Macey in the patrol vehicle, but he was again resistant. Officers had to use force against Macey to include strikes to his body and a taser application--all of which seemed to be ineffective. During this time, Macey turned to face Ofc. Bishop and head-butted him, striking him on the right side of his forehead.

Upon realizing that the body strikes were continuing to have no effect on Macey, Ofc. Bishop positioned himself to place and LVNR [lateral vascular neck restraint] on Macey. As Ofc. Bishop placed his left arm around Macey's neck, Macey bit Bishop's bicep, causing the skin to tear and blood to flow freely down his arm.

This struggle supposedly continued for some time until officers arrived and were able to handcuff and leg-shackle Macey as well as put a spit hood over his head and take him to jail.

At one point Macey told the officer he bit that he has AIDS.


He also apparently told them that he'd recently smoked weed dipped in "sherm," which is slang for PCP and embalming fluid.

Diamond the dog was apparently recovered from the drain. Her condition isn't known.

Macey has been charged with third-degree assault and first-degree attempted animal cruelty.

On Macey's Yibster page, he posts this bio of himself:

The True K9 was born Kyle Ernest Macey on November 24th, 1986. At the young age of 10 his parents split causing him a great deal of struggle. His mother and three brothers had to find a way to make it on their own. Raised in poverty going from home to home and school to school K9's mom had to work 2-3 jobs at a time just to survive and feed her kids. All this caused K9 to be angry at the world. All through out his school days he was quite the trouble maker and was in and out of suspension. By the age 12 K9 was smoking weed and drinking alcohol. By age 15 K9 was commiting cimes, and got expelled from 10th grade for assaulting his school security guards. Once released from juvenile hall K9 was back to the streets breaking into cars, committing burglaries, theft, selling drugs, and just being malicious. After going in and out of juvenile hall many more times, at 15 K9 was sent to a maximum juvenile prison known as Green Hill School for 8 1/2 months. While in Green Hill K9 realized his passion for music and started writng lyrics(still not yet shared with the world). Upon his release from Green Hill, K9 was enthusiastic about his music. He recorded a few demos on tape but never knew what to do with them. After being frusturated with his music going nowhere, K9 was now 16 and decided to go back into his old ways. After a few months he was arrested again in Lakewood, WA for Taking a Motor Vehicle, DWI, Escape and Malicious Mischief. After pleading guilty to TMV, and Malicious Mischief K9 was sent back to Green Hill for another 8 1/2 months. While incarcerated he recieved his GED and continued to write lyrics. He was even more motivated this time around. K9 was nearly 18 by the time of his release. He went to California to live with his dad and recorded another demo on tape with his brother Nick(Slo Motion). After awhile he went back up to Washington and met a girl named Tawnie, who is now his fiancee'. They had a baby boy, Tavin Kyle Macey on October 27th, 2007. K9 is determined to help raise his children. So he put his music career on hold. One day on his way home from work K9 was approached at a bus station by a couple of cowards that he met through his younger brothers. They had some problems from the neighborhood and decided to confront K9. After a short time K9 was attacked by those 5 kids and was stabbed in the neck. Revenge was definently on his mind but decided not to take the chance and go to prison leaving his children without a father. After a close call with death K9 decided to concentrate more on his music. He bought a keyboard and learned how to compose his own beats. After a year or so he became bored with just a keyboad and decided to get a computer. In 2009 K9 founded Dog Kennel Productions, and started making beats. After awhile his addictions got the best of him and he went back to jail for assaulting a King County Police Officer while he was drunk. He served 3 months in County Jail and another 3 months on House Arrest. While on house arrest K9 finally started to record his vocals and found the way to put em over his instrumentals. Then his beautiful daughter was born on August 23rd, 2010. K9 is now working on his first album and mixtapes in hope of finding another path to take in his career! He is determined, and ambitious. He says it's time to put Washington back on the map. K9 says he can smell success right around the corner. He wants to thank everyone who is supporting his music, and says he will always remember who was there for him in the beginning. He will never forget where he came from and will always continue to strive for bigger and better things. With his one of a kind sound, K9 is definently onto The True K9! Peace and Love!!!!

Here are the charging documents.

Kyle Macey Charging Docs

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