Keith Blair, Prolific Seattle Burglar, to Receive Huge 15-Year Sentence

Burglaries are by far one of the most common crimes committed in any city. Keith Blair, however, is not a common burglar. And King County prosecutors think he's so unique, in fact, that they've arranged to get him one of the most uncommonly long sentences for burglary ever given out in in the county.

Charging and sentencing documents provided to Seattle Weekly show that Blair is slated to receive a 15-and-a-half-year sentence today for a string of burglaries that took place in six different King and Snohomish County cities and briefly netted him around $1 million worth of stolen goods, including a Cartier watch, golf clubs, mountain climbing gear, a set of rare coins, guns, swords, and even a $50,000 Porsche.

Blair was convicted of a total of 13 charges last month.

Normally a burglar's sentence is calculated using a grid that assigns time based on the number of convictions. Blair's convictions are off the charts, though, so, as shown below, a new amount of time had to be calculated especially for him.

keith blair01.jpg

King County Prosecutor Deputy Chief of Staff Ian Goodhew calls Blair "one of the most prolific career criminals we have seen in the recent past," and blames his huge number of convictions on the need to find an abnormal sentence for him.

So it would seem that prosecutors getting creative with sentence calculations turns out very poorly for criminals.

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