EMP Museum Offering Bribes for "Screamers"

Want to visit the EMP Museum, but don't want to pay the $18 in hard currency to get in? Now you can pay an equal value in lung matter and get in all the same.

From the desk of Anita Woo, EMP spokesperson:

All we ask of you is 5-10 minutes of your time, to swing by the museum and scream your head off for us. Bring your husbands, wives, kids (13+ please!), and anyone else you think would make for a good screamer. In return (aside from being immortalized as part of the exhibition) you will each receive 2 guest passes to the museum that can be used at any time, and for the first 25 people that RSVP, we'll be giving away 2 passes to our Member Preview Party happening Saturday, October 1st. We're still hashing out the details of the party, but I can tell you there will be costumes (oh, will there be costumes), awesome music, a first look at the exhibit (which is really going to be fantastic) and so much more. It may not be a lot, but we want to show our appreciation for you in any way we can.

That's right. Screaming.

Your screaming, to be exact.

The EMP is opening a new exhibit called "Can't Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film."

The exhibit examines horror films and their place in society and effect on people.

So rather than take photos of people, say, watching horror films and screaming naturally, EMP is simply bribing people to scream on command.

Those cool with such things can scream their response to contests@empmuseum.org.

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