Anarchist's Home Vandalized in Olympia With Message: "Get Out of Oly"

daniel wilson01.jpg
Tony Overman/The Olympian
Daniel Wilson, glass-house resident, throwing stones.
The tables, it would seem, have turned.

Weeks after Olympian photographer Tony Overman's house was vandalized by anarchists who were upset that his photos had led to their arrests, a new incident involving a vandalized house has happened.

This time, an anarchist himself is the victim.

Daniel Wilson, a man once photographed by Overman in the midst of throwing a rock through a Bank of America window and later convicted for his crime, had several windows on his rented house broken and the words "Get Out of Oly" spray-painted on the exterior.

Olympia Police confirmed the report of the vandalism to Seattle Weekly, although details remain few.

The Olympian, meanwhile, fresh from disciplining Overman for lying about whether he ever shared photos of anarchists with police before publication, reported that Wilson declined to press charges.

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