You Have Nine Days Left to Enjoy Washington State Parks for Free

wash parks01.jpg
Because come July 1, that shit's gonna cost you.

That is, if you drive. Which, excluding the hardier among us, is likely the way most folks get to a state park.

Anyhow, starting July 1, all Washington state parks will charge $10 per day per vehicle, or require a $30 "Discover Pass," which is good for a year and can be purchased here.

The new fee system is a result of Senate Bill 5622, which requires the park to charge the fee, and was touted as being the only way to keep the parks open at all.

There are a few exemptions, like if you're camping (the fee is included in the camping fee), have a Sno-Park seasonal permit, or have an Off-Road Vehicle, Disabled Veteran, or other State Parks pass.

Additionally, one can volunteer for 24 hours or more on an agency-approved project and get a free pass.

Getting caught without a pass will cost you $99.

And yes, you will still be paying taxes to support the parks as well.

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