WSJ: Seattle Is Becoming the New Silicon Valley

This may not come as news to the legions of local computer programmers who are already working for satellite hubs of companies like Facebook, Zynga, and Salesforce, but Seattle is on a path to eclipse the Bay Area as America's technology hub.

The Wall Street Journal reports.

Over the past year, several of the best known Web companies from the Bay Area--Zynga Inc. and Inc. from San Francisco and Palo Alto's Facebook Inc.--have opened satellite offices in Seattle in large part to tap the region's pool of software engineering talent. The companies are following another Silicon Valley icon, Google Inc., which opened its first Seattle-area office in 2004 and now has one of its biggest U.S. engineering centers in the region, with more than 800 full-time employees, most of them engineers.

The reasons for the shifting technological axis has to do with several things. Among them are the University of Washington's ace computer science school, from which many companies pluck their interns. Also housing is cheaper ($259,200 on average for a home in Seattle versus $446,000 in the Bay Area) and thus companies can pay Seattle programmers less.

All in all, the article paints a bigger picture of how the tech industry is booming for programmers. Companies are recruiting programmers wherever they can find them and Seattle has them in droves.

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